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So, we had our re-shoot today. This is where we came up with a whole new idea (see previous post in the short film section)

I’m not sure I can think of enough superlatives to describe how great it was today.

Everything seemed to click, and work. We also had a very versatile actor too, which was fantastic. He was open to ideas and just made the role his own. He liaised with me on the script, and asked myself and the Director how he we see the character. From that moment, we knew we had a fantastic actor to work with.

I think that we made the right decision to re-shoot and re-write the script. I say this because, now, in my opinion, we have ironed out the kinks and went round those learning curves. We worked much smoother in a different environment too. I can’t put my finger on precisely what wen to well today, or even why, but all I know is that it was a fantastic experience to be part of such a fantastic crew today.

Here is the final script: Remember

Here is the rough cut for the film:

This film just shows that you can execute a simple idea effectively and with style.

In my opinion, the reason the first film didn’t go exactly to plan was that we were too complacent, or we didn’t see the boulders in the road. However, we learnt from our miss-en-devours and we have, in my opinion a great film.

An overview of the whole project

Overall, I feel that we worked well as a team, when things seemed to not go our way and people started to get disheartened, we all picked each other up. We always looked out for each other. We really cared about our films, and I hope everyone sees that when they are watching them. It would have been easy, after the shoot of ‘The Actor’ to say… OK, that’s good enough, and then sit on it. But we didn’t! as soon as the crit was over, we sat down as a group for a couple of hours and looked back over our ideas, evaluated what went wrong and what we could improve and ultimately, if we should re-shoot. I feel it was a testiment to our integrity to not accept ‘The Actor’ as our finished film. We had several online meetings over the weekend to discuss what we was going to shoot and where. We all pulled tighter as a group and found new depths in ourselves.

The easiest thing to say next would be that, we didn’t have to be in this situation in the first place if we had eitehr got the right location or more versitile actors. That however, would imply that we were lazy and didn’t do anything. That is simply not the case. From day one we all worked hard in trying to make our original film a success.
The way I look at it, we now have two short films for our show reel, because, ‘The Actor’ was not bad, just didn’t meet our personal standards.
I will reflect upon what I personally could of improved on, and they are the following:
My availability.
There were a couple of times during the pre production process where I was unavailable due to my (then) upcoming film in Iceland and also rehearsal for my upcoming stage show. This also effected my script writing schedule. I feel that if I could have managed my time quicker, then the script would have been written sooner. It was still done on time, but not as quick as I wanted it to be.

In conclusion, I feel we have a very fine short film in ‘Remember’. I am very proud of this film. Not just because of how it looks, but because it is a statement of of desire as NU Film productions, to not make A film, but make A Film to be proud of. I think we have just done that.


Over the past few weeks, our group of four, grew to six. Overall, I think this was a good idea, because, in my opinion, more people = more creative input. I feel we worked well in a cohesive unit. We hit a few learning curves, but that was only to be expected. As a whole group we had never worked together before, so it was all about finding each others groove.

during this project, I was the scriptwriter. I did many different versions of the script, so reflect on different feels and avenues that the script could portray.
Original Synopsis:
The original script focused on our main Character, Jake Deschain. A lonely actor backstage, going through his lines before his big night. He shows the epitomy of nerves on a big night. We see other acts coming and going offstage. As he get’s more into his role however, his confidence grows too. He is sat down on a chair backstage. A ballerina (of a large size) comes off the stage and goes to sit right on-top of Jake, He slides away just in the nick of time. Jake beings to pace up and down the narrow corridor backstage. It’s finally Jake’s turn to go onstage. He takes in a deep breathe. Let’s it out. An actor coming offstage, bumps right into him. The actor doesn’t notice. Jake walks up onto the stage. It is dark. He is disorientated by the darkness. He steps up to the mic and the spot light comes on. He fades away.
Alt ending: The audience wait in anticipation. Jake tries to speak. Nothing comes out but air. He tries to clear his throat. He steps closer to the mic and it gives feedback. He steps back. The spotlight comes on. He fades away.

The above synopsis was simplified when we filmed it. It was mostly because we could not get ‘the right’ location. We knew from the start that it was a film that could potentially be hard to shoot. We did the best we could under difficult circumstances.

Here is the rough cut of the film:

After reviewing the footage and editing it, we decided to do a new idea. We all pulled together and came up with some ideas. in the end we opted for a veteran in a pub, reflecting on life. For me personally, that was a difficult one to write (much like my ‘Together’ script) because it is a subject that I am close to, I have relatives who have been in wars. I hope I can do the memory justice.
Only time will tell.

I know, I know, It’s been a long time coming. I wanted to make sure it had the right ‘feel’ to it. Whilst shooting the teaser, I kept thinking to myself, I can’t wait to make this film. it has been a long time in the making, but I don’t want to rush into it, or make it ‘feel’ rushed.

It is almost time to roll the cameras now though, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I will leave you now, with the teaser trailer, I hope you enjoy.

Short film research

While I have been writing the script for my upcoming short film, I have become adamant that I want this short to be as cinematic as possible. The way I imagine the script to be shot is one of intense detail and just a hint of magic. That sounds cliche, and artsy, but that is how I see this film.

I can imagine one scene in particular when the lead character, Jake is on the the stage. The hall is silent and then the spotlight shines on him. He vanishes and we see the spotlight on the microphone and the dust being caught in the light.

Another scene I can see being done in a cinematic way is the camera track of the posters at the start. The camera will track across the wall. As it is tracking a magician doing his tricks will come into shot. As the camera continues it’s track we will see a ballerina practicing her routine.

Here is a  video that I across while writing the script:

The above video, in my opinion was extremely cinematic driven, and just looked staggering.

Another scene, that caught my eye whilst researching, was this one from the film, billy Elliot (200)

I looked at this one in particular, because it is emotionally charged. There seems to be some emotional tension too, which I feel will be great for my short film. I really like the awkwardness and the almost desolate and desperate feel to this scene. The lighting is fantastic and the camera work makes you feel like you are a fly on the wall, without the stereotypical camera style. These are all the things that I want to get across in my short film.

The Actor (A short film)

Our production of ‘The Actor (working title) is coming along nicely. I am working on the characters and the script. So far it has been fantastic to work on. In this blog, I have attached the working progress of the script

The Actor

A Short (short) film

So today a small group of us shot and edited a very short piece for the ‘Nokia Shorts’ project. It took about 1 hour and 45 mins total to set up and shoot, and not too much longer to edit. It was a 30 second piece (this included time for a logo) It was great fun working with this team who were highly motivated and dedicated.
Our ordinal idea did change a few times, but it changed for the better in my personal opinion. Our original idea was that I was a “director” sat at a table looking at a script. A mime would then come in and try to get my attention. It failed and they would walk off. I would then stand up and begin to mop the floor, signaling to the audience that I’m actually a cleaner (the original title for this was called ‘Attention’, as to Action)

Our final idea I feel was more humorous. It was quick, simple and to the point.

Here check it out for yourself: