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So Today IS THE day! The day I have been waiting for, for a little over two years. Today was the day The cast and crew got acquainted with each other and the locations. And Honestly, it couldn’t have gone any better! Everyone was on the ball and ‘up for it’  We all had a fantastic attitude and were extremely positive about the film.

Exciting times lay ahead for this film. The cast and crew were fantastic. Locations are great and everything is running very smooth.

I got a great feeling about the next few weeks with this incredible cast and crew!!


So the time is almost nigh.

It’s almost time, after so long in the making to get those cameras rolling!

The Actors are ready (and amazing!)

The Crew are ready (and incredibly talented!)

The music: Theme tune by Coventry’s Lloyd!  Composer by Giulio! and with official permission to use ‘Mister Sandman’ by The Chordettes!

The locations are set (and look great!)

It’s been a long journey so far… but it is only JUST beginning!

The Boogeyman Facebook Page

I know, I know, It’s been a long time coming. I wanted to make sure it had the right ‘feel’ to it. Whilst shooting the teaser, I kept thinking to myself, I can’t wait to make this film. it has been a long time in the making, but I don’t want to rush into it, or make it ‘feel’ rushed.

It is almost time to roll the cameras now though, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I will leave you now, with the teaser trailer, I hope you enjoy.

24th Feb 2012 (Friday)
So, it’s 3am. I’m up two hours before my alarm. There is a reason though, because today’s the day I go to Iceland for 10days to make a short film!
I’m going to be co-producing a short film called ‘Snowblind’. It’s a psychological thriller, with a mountain as it’s backdrop. It’s going to be  a challenge to film, but all the crew are up for it!

Upon arriving in Iceland we see a rainbow, now if that’s not a sign of things to come then… well… what is? The flight was a smooth 3hours with no turbulence.
The short coach journey from Keflavick Airport to Reykjavik was filled with stunning views of volcanic land and mountains in the distance.

After settling down in the hotel, we all went out for a meal in one of the local restaurants. I stayed away from any typical Icelandic dishes (Sheep’s head, Puffin, Shark, Whale etc) and opted for a very nice burger…. Yeah… I know… typical Brit….
After the meal, we all had a meeting to discus the plan of action. It was great to see everyone up for this challenge.

25th Feb 2012 (Saturday)

Today was a day of new experiences.. I experienced a very underwhelming breakfast and the Icelandic milk… (which, I will not talk about, anyone who knows me, knows that I love milk… however, just not Iceland’s….)
Next on the list was to take in the sights and location scout. It was a great day, filled with great sights. At the end of the day the crew went out for a meal again, at another local restaurant.

26th Feb 2012 (Sunday)

Another day filled with excitement. After a day of taking in the the sights the town had to offer, we all went for a meal at a fantastic Scandinavian restaurant in the heart of the city center. I discovered the joys of a ‘Swiss Mocha’ and delight of an Icelandic slant of  a typical British meal.
On the way back to our hotel (which is approx 25 mins away from where we ate) We got caught in a snow blizzard. Don’t get me wrong, it was ‘fun’… From out of no-where a huge gust of wind, which lasted perhaps 40 seconds blew us up the street… and me into a lamppost… fun times in Reykjavik indeed.

27th Feb 2012 (Monday) Filming

So today was the first day we would shoot our film. The  drive to the location was stunning, the location itself, breathtaking. the team did a fantastic job in finding this location.
The actors and crew were fantastic on the night, we hit a few learning curves, but hey.. that is how we learn. On top of that we saw the Northern lights!

28th Feb 2012 (Tuesday) Filming

So today’s shoot went A LOT smoother and it was just amazing to see it all come together. EVERYONE on the crew should be proud of themselves. It  got very cold, but seeing the Northern Lights again, made up for it! I can’t wait until everyone see’s the edit!

29th Feb 2012 (Wednesday)

Everyone was still in a Jovial mood after a successful shoot. We took this day pretty light. We saw some more sights, had another snow blizzard, and at night we even felt an earthquake that measured 3.5 on the rictor scale.

1st March 2012 (Thursday)

Taking in the sights of the amazing city again. It truly is an astounding place to visit! Just make sure you pack a few bank cards because it can get very expensive if you don’t be careful. More snow blizzards and also a rain storm too! It felt like home with the rain.
We had a meal at an American diner on the harbor, one of the best meals f the week.

2nd March 2012 (Friday)

We had another crew meal tonight, in the oldest restaurant in Reykjavik, our female actress works there too so she recommend us on the best dishes.  I decided to try the Lamb tenderloin with blueberries and the all important… ‘swiss mocha’
Another snow storm on the way back too, people fell over left right and center. It was a great night.
3rd March 2012 (Saturday)

Today was a day of zen. While some people went off to the Blue Lagoon (I refused to pay over £40 to sit in some hot and lumpy porridge… I will one day, but not on this trip)
The rest of the crew took in some more sights. We climbed to the top of the stunning cathedral and saw an aerial view of the city, we then walked to the observatory, where we saw some more birds eye views. They were astounding! We also had a fantastic meal at the restaurant at the top of the observatory, The Pearlan’. Also, next to the observatory, was a man made Geyser, that was fun to see.

4th March 2012 (Sunday) Home-time

So today is the day I go home. It was a fantastic 10 days where I was part of an amazing crew who shot an amazing film.
The flight home has an interesting talking point… We had to take an emergency landing! We also ‘dropped’ about 30 feet too. There was a lot of screams form some of the passengers… and some giggles from me… We hit the ground with a thump, but no one was hurt, luckily.
I got home at around 1.15am. then up at 6am the next day to go to Uni…. I wouldn’t have it any other way!
I look forward to going back very soon.

As many of you are aware by now, there will be an announcement regarding the film very soon. It will be some time THIS WEEK.

The announcement will be posted HERE: <———- The Boogeyman Facebook Page

Locations: Search for the locations are still on-going. We have found some great ones so far. We are taking our time with this though, because the locations are every bit as important as the story and the characters.

Actors: We are still going through the audition stage, which is great. We have had some fantastic applicants wanting to be a part of this film.

And as always, I thank you all for being a part of this. The support for the film has been great. Please continue to tell your friends/neighbours/work colleges etc about the film, and the Facebook page.

Thank You

So, the pre-production process is drawing to a close now. The script is almost complete and some of the actors have now been locked into place. Some locations are being finalized too…..

There is something else too.Something that will be announced early next week. I’m not going to say what it is, but it’s something to look forward to.

Over the coming weeks more ‘announcements’ will be arriving too. So make sure you stay tuned.

Until the big news is announced, keep spreading the word about this:

The Boogeyman Facebook Page

Share it on your page, or to anywhere.

So until this announcement, keep those closet doors shut.

As many of you now know, the script for this film is almost complete. It has taken a while yes, but the director and I felt that we did not want to “force the story out.” We wanted to let the story tell itself in a way.

I also think it’s as good a time as any to remind you all, or in some cases tell you, that this film is a Feature film. We decided very early on that we wanted to adapt this very short story into a full Feature, because Stephen King wrote a great short story, but he hinted to so much more. We wanted to expand on that and delve between the lines.

Without giving too much if the plot away (if you have already read the short story in the ‘Night Shift’ Collection, then you already know what the plot is anyway) This story/adaptation is about the human psyche and about real fears. This story is not all about Lester. It’s also about Rita and her struggle in the marriage. She is woman with three kids and a husband who she loves, well that’s what you see on the surface. She is also a ” ‘wanna’ be writer” That’s all of the ‘plot’ I’m willing to disclose at the moment. I will talk about it more nearer the time of shooting (April/May)

As always thank you for your continued support. To keep up to date with the Film please    ‘LIKE’ our Facebook Page:!/pages/Stephen-Kings-The-Boogeyman-2011-A-Dollar-Baby/154632161255654
And even spread the word if you can.

Thank You

So it’s New Year’s day, so I thought I’d write a post about the year that has just gone, because from a personal standpoint, it was a very entertaining and in many ways fantastic year.

The Year is 2011, The date: February.

Last year on this month, I started my new job at Hatton Country World. This is a place where family’s come for a day out, in a nut shell it’s a farm-park version of Alton Towers. I started on what I was later told, The busiest day they could remember… funny that, I also started on the busiest day for Blockbuster two years back, my luck I guess. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a complaint, just a mere observation. I am very lucky to be in a job that I enjoy so much, with fantastic co-workers too.


This was the month that saw me go to American for the very first time. I went with Stratford -upon- Avon College to New York City for 7 days. It was incredible. Words cannot describe it. I shot a mini documentary on SoHo. which is a fascinating place.

In June…

This was the month I ended my five year spell at Stratford-Upon-Avon College. Here I gained teh following in the five years:

FD Media, BTEC ND Art and Design and HND Media.

It was a fun five years there.


In early August I began to have real problems with my foot. It stopped me from walking for a few days and kept me from playing football for a few months (I only play with friends and family, not professionally)

I also celebrated my 21st Birthday with my family, which was just fantastic.


This was the month I started on my first comedy play, ‘A Fishy Buisness’ with, The Lapworth Players.  They are a highly talented bunch of actors and it is honestly incredible working with them all. I am learning so much from them and feel very proud to be a part of the Players, who have talent in abundance.

The play was put on for the members of the Players, and I really enjoyed doing it.

This was also the Month that I started my BA (hons) Media Degree at Coventry University. I am having an amazing time here and I’m learning an incredible amount. I look forward to going back every time we break up.


… These were the months that I embarked on a really cool adventure at work…. The Christmas Nativity! This was great fun and during our month run(right up until Christmas eve!) I have it on good authority (from another cast member) that we even moved a grown man to tears, I don’t know how accurate that statement is, but it was a nice one.

I’m sure there were many other events that took place last year, but I have forgotten them.

This year is already shaping up to be incredible. Here are just a few thing I have lined up:


I will be in my second ever comedy show with The Lapworth Players, in the sketch show called ‘The Review’

In February…

I will be going to Iceland with the University to make some fantastic films. I will be a producer, overseeing two films (‘Snow-blind’ and the film I wrote ‘Together’)


The egarly anticipated Stephen King’s ‘The Boogeyman’ adaptation  finally begins shooting. This is something I am both nervous and excited about. It has been in development for so long, that it has become a big part of my life. Filming it will be in many ways a bit serial. I honestly hope, that people will enjoy the film, because the director/co-writer and myself have put a tremendous amount of love and respect into this film, hence why we have not rushed it. Whilst on the subject of this film, I’m going to share an exclusive: More actors are lining up to take part in the film. This is great news, now I just have to try and fit them in the right place in the film. We also have another location confirmed, but I’m not going to discuss that JUST yet. The first draft of the script is now very close to completion. There will be a special announcement when it is complete.


All begin well, this will be the time when I go to California State University, Long Beach! This will be my first time away from the family, but it will be a fantastic and exciting adventure.

So that’s all for now, I’ll be back soon….

In Induction week I went round the Coventry Transport Museum. It wasn’t the first time I have been round it. In fact it was perhaps my fourth time. But I still find it highly enjoyable. I just love finding out about this great City’s (Coventry) History and how it was so integral to the rest of the country!

A win for Coventry City!
The Sky Blues picked up a vital 3 points today against local rivals Nottingham Forrest (Sat OCT 15th 2011)
Lukas Jutkiawitz scored a bullet6 header in the second half to put the Sky Blues 1 up. The score-line stayed that way. But there was mixed emotions at the end as Joe Murphy the Cov Stopper was layed out due to a collision with the post and a Nottingham Forrest player. He was walked off the pitch to a huge round of applause from the 15+ Supporters (One of Cov’s Highest attendances this season) Cov had to cling on to their narrow lead for 10minutes. The crown was nervous, as they have dropped so many points in injury time this season. It was a good solid performance from the Sky Blues today, but they will have to play a lot better and stay focused for longer if they are going to beat or even get a point against Leeds on Tuesday night!