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On the day of the show I feel that we all came into our won element, we became a cohesive unit and work extremely well together. The director was very clear on what he wanted out of my camera shots and I feel that I delivered.

I feel that the editing was to a very high standard, this was a process I was not involved in, but it is something I would like to learn in the future. There was a minor problem whilst Chroma keying as one of the guest was wearing blue, which was eventually sorted.

Looking back at the show it looks like a professional standard product, which is what we set it out to be like.

Whilst filming the show everyone acted in a professional manor, which is what we had been doing in rehearsals too.

If I was to do this project again, I would like a longer time limit, up to 20 minutes, so we can have more questions and more audience participation and interaction. I would also improve on the set. I thought our set was good, but it could be improved with lighter, fresher colours.

My short time in the TV Studio can best be described as an evolutionary process. I joined the group two weeks late because I was in the first year. (details why are in another blog post) I was happy to be given the role of runner because of this. My short time as runner involved helping set up the boom microphone, something which I have never done before, so I was keen to learn how it was set up. Whilst being a runner I also observed how the studio cameras and the ‘talk back’ system was set up. This was another thing that I had not done before and I was more than happy to learn how it was all put together.

The next step in my studio evolution was a panelist on our quiz show. This was an exciting tun of events and it was nice know that the group thought of me in such a regard. Whilst I was presenting I did a lot of research on presenting styles. The following below are teh people I looked at:

Sir Bruce Forsyth

At first people may question my judgement when I say that I researched him whilst doing a University comedy quiz show, but The way he presents himself and interacts with his fellow presenters on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ was what I was interesting, he also adds comedy to his professionalism, and in my eyes is a role model  and or a measuring stick for anyone wanting to be a presenter.

Richard Hammond

Hammond’s presenting style was more of what I ended up leaning to, he has an air of confidence about him, yet he is never over confident, he allows his fellow presenters on ‘Top Gear’ to have a lot of the ‘camera time’

Anthony McParklin and Decland Donnely

This was a more obvious research choice according to our format. It was also a logical place to start seeing as I had to gel with the other presenters. They  are in my opinion very professional and yet come across as ‘one of the mates’. there is a very fine line between the two I feel and they always remain on the professional side.

Jimmy Carr

Perhaps not the most orthodox of presenters, but a fundamental one in my research because in my opinion, our show was meant to have a comedy basis, which ‘8 out of 10 cats’ has. I did not delve into Jimmy Carr’s presenting style too much as it is far too sarcastic and in some extreme cases rather demeaning, which is not what our show is about.

James Corden

James Corden and his show ‘A league of their own’ is how what I would compare our show with because they are both comedy quiz shows with  a task element which is humors. James Corden’s presenting style is professional but uses more colloquial language because the demographic for the show is that of a young and ‘trendy’ audience.

With the research done I put it into practice, with what I hoped was to good effect.

The last part of the evolutionary process was the fourth camera on the day of the shoot. I had to change roles due to a clash with  a prior arrangement with which I could not get out of. It was good going back behind the camera however, as that is what I am most useful. It does not mean however that I did not enjoy the other job roles I did throughout the project, because they were fantastic learning curves. Whilst I was camera operator, I was asked to get ECU’s (Extreme Close Up’s) and MCU’s (Medium Close Up’s) also reaction shots. I feel I handled this well as I caught some good reaction shots and I stuck to what the Director asked of me. The camera I used was a Sony Z5. This is the second time I have used this camera (The first time I sued it was earlier this year whilst doing a live four hour music broadcast for my previous College in Stratford-upon-Avon) I enjoy using this camera because it is lightweight and in my opinion easy to use because the layout of the buttons and menus is simplistic.

Whilst creating the set we all helped out to make it look the best it can be. This was another skill I gained whilst doing the project. I was involved with wallpapering the walls and putting the boards on the frames. Set design was an interesting part of the process ans it really gave our show character and another dimension, because all shows have a set, it is their identity. We worked hard on selecting the elements and the props because as I said, it is our identity. when viewers switch on their eyes will be drawn to the set first, then they will listen to the content. this is mostly personal experience, because whilst researching quiz shows and format shows I would often turn off the sound and look at the set and the camera movements, also how the presenters interact with each other.

In conclusion my metamorphosis from runner to presenter then to camera operator has been eventful and educational and always enjoyable. I feel we created a professional and entertaining show which is of a high standard.