A few years back I bought the first season of LOST on a whim. I saw it on sale and thought “What’s the worst that could happen?” Turns out, nothing! A lot of people give this show a LOT of stick. However, those people have either only seen the first few episodes and just wanted to jump on the hate wagon.

This show is so much more than people who crash land on an Island. It’s about the human emotions and desire. It’s about hope and adventure. In my opinion its the best programs of its type to be shown on TV in a very long time.

Every single episode has that big film feel to it. The characters are amazing, the actors great and the story-lines compelling.

If you are going to watch this series for the first time, go into it with an open mind. Forget what people have told you about it, good or bad. Its best you go into it with open eyes.

There are 6 utterly brilliant seasons. And yes, as with all long running shows, some episodes are not as good as some others, but every one will have you hooked.

Don’t take my word for it, watch the trailer. You’ll be glad you did


Characters: 9.3/10
Plot: 9.2/10
Music: 9.4/10