I on;y discovered this show about a week ago. I’m already hooked! The show follows the daily life of Dexter, a likable blood splatter analyst, hiding a deadly secret.

If you have seen the brilliant Christian Bale film ‘American Psycho’, then this one will be for you. Then again, even if you haven’t I’m sure you will enjoy it.

The show has pretty much something for everyone, (As long as they are over 18) from crime scenes, witty comebacks, smart asses, fights, police investigations, compelling story lines and much more.

With SEVEN seasons already to its name, I think if you haven’t started watching it yet, then you better rectify that ASAP. Never have I seen a lead role in a TV show portrayed with such conviction. Michael C. Hall deserves plenty of credit, but his supporting cast are also great. I can’t see a weak link in this show.


Watch the trailer, then GO and get the 1st season!

Characters: 9.2/10
Plot: 9.1/10