If you STILL haven’t caught this classic sit com, then I ask you… WHY? It’s been off the air for a while now and the DVD’s are cheap. It’s even on TV almost every day!

OK, perhaps you haven’t heard of it, or don’t know enough about it. Well, it stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt who made the transition from child star to incredible Hollywood actor, The simply AMAZING John Lithgow, SNL’s Jane Curtain, French Stewart and MANY more in this stellar cast.

The show centers on the lives on Aliens from another planet. They come to earth to observe human life, but quickly fall in love with the place in their own unique way.

It’s a rare gem, that is fun for the kids, family and adults. Most of the time it was rib crashingly hilarious, and the rest of the time it was just good old fashioned entertainment.

Watch the trailer, and then go and get watch the show, you owe it to yourself!

Characters: 9.0/10
Plot: 9.0/10
Music: 9.0/10