24th Feb 2012 (Friday)
So, it’s 3am. I’m up two hours before my alarm. There is a reason though, because today’s the day I go to Iceland for 10days to make a short film!
I’m going to be co-producing a short film called ‘Snowblind’. It’s a psychological thriller, with a mountain as it’s backdrop. It’s going to be  a challenge to film, but all the crew are up for it!

Upon arriving in Iceland we see a rainbow, now if that’s not a sign of things to come then… well… what is? The flight was a smooth 3hours with no turbulence.
The short coach journey from Keflavick Airport to Reykjavik was filled with stunning views of volcanic land and mountains in the distance. During the flight I was practicing my Icelandic too. I wanted to go to this country and attempt to speak their language.

After settling down in the hotel, we all had a briefing of what is to come. This is where the health and safety regulations/procedures were addressed. During this time I made plenty of notes, so I could reiterate it in my meeting with the crew on the following day.

25th Feb 2012 (Saturday)

We started the day with a working breakfast. We had a discussion about the days plan, which was to go location scouting, to find the ‘perfect’ spot or our short film
Next on the list was to take in the sights and location scout. It was a great day, filled with great sights.

26th Feb 2012 (Sunday)

The final day for location scouting. We found the ‘perfect’ location. At the foot of a mountain! Not only was it incredible to look at, it was also and incredible backdrop. It was a character in itself.

27th Feb 2012 (Monday) Filming

Before we went out, we all had a health and safety check. We was going to be staying at the mountain for a long stretch, well into the hours of the next day. Health and safety included; the appropriate clothing, making sure EVERYONE had a flask with either a hot drink or soup.
So today was the first day we would shoot our film. The  drive to the location was stunning, the location itself, breathtaking. the team did a fantastic job in finding this location.
The actors and crew were fantastic on the night, we hit a few learning curves, but hey.. that is how we learn. On top of that we saw the Northern lights!

28th Feb 2012 (Tuesday) Filming

So today’s shoot went A LOT smoother and it was just amazing to see it all come together. EVERYONE on the crew should be proud of themselves. It  got very cold, but seeing the Northern Lights again, made up for it! I can’t wait until everyone see’s the edit!

29th Feb 2012 (Wednesday)

Everyone was still in a Jovial mood after a successful shoot. We took this day pretty light. I went over the paperwork most of the day, to make sure everything was in order.

1st March 2012 (Thursday)

My fellow Producer and I took it upon our selves to do some light promoting in the town. We got a very good response from the people we talked to and it was nice to see the people were as excited as us.

2nd March 2012 (Friday)

Today I went out with the sound crew and captured some external sound. We couldn’t do this on set, due to the noise from the generator. We was out for a few hours capturing the best natural and mad made (footsteps etc) sounds that we could find.
3rd March 2012 (Saturday)

Today was filled with more promoting the film round the town, followed by capturing more external sound. The feedback was again positive. Capturing the sound went well too, we now have all the sound we need.

4th March 2012 (Sunday) Home-time

The day I go home. But not before I do some more promoting! We really went for it today! And we was rewarded with our best responce yet!  They were asking all sorts of interesting questions, such as: When will it be ready? Where can I see it? etc, I gave them, the details of all of these and they all said that they will be very keen to see it in the near future!