7th March 2012

So in one day, I did what I thought would be impossible. Write a feature film script! Not just any script though. A script that will be filmed and shot in Warwickshire, and then Viewed by thousands of people, worldwide and by Stephen King! Not bad for a days work.

8th March 2012

To generate more buzz and publicity about the upcoming film, I set up a thread on the official Stephen King website. since it’s creation, it has over 16,000 views. (View it here: http://www.stephenking.com/forums/showthread.php/19252-The-Boogeyman-Dollar-Baby-Feature-length-film)

On top of this, I also created a Facebook page. This has over 400 ‘LIKES’ (view it here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/The.Boogeyman.Film)

I felt that creating these were essential, as people can now find information about the film from different sources, ones that suit them.

9th March 2012

Building on the promotion wagon, I also had an interview from a gentleman from The United States. He published the interview on an online website called ‘Through The Black Hole. You can view the interview in full by following the Facebook link.

10th March 2012

Today was a day of location scouting. I viewed what I deemed the best locations (both visually and practically) that Leamington and Warwick had to offer. The deals were made on the spot that very day, which was a huge bonus for the film.

Today was also a day of finding the right actors. I put up a casting call on a well known casting site. The response was overwhelmingly positive! in just a few short hours I has over 20 responses!

11th March 2012.

Today was the day That I finalized the crew that I will be working with. Many of which were people that I worked with in Iceland too. They are all determined, enthusiastic and committed to the project. The way I chose them was to look at their skills and how well they could work as a coheasive unit.

12th March 2012

With the crew now in place. I decided it was time to come up with a few ideas for a teaser trailer, to garner more buzz for the film. I set a brief of 30 seconds maximum. I wanted it to be visual and effective too.

Also, I responded to a few more casting calls. With the job applicants now over the 100 mark, it was hard to whittle them down. The way I did this, was to sit through every audition tape and worked out what they could bring to the film and how they would fit with the genre and style of the production.

13th March 2012

Today was a day of sitting through more job applications. I think I have found some fantastic people, It’s looking really positive.

Today was also the day I shot the teaser trailer with the crew. Go to The Facebook link to view it. This was a valued experience as I now know that the people I selected to work with can work together to create something amazing.

14th March 2012

Today was a very buy day!

I got in contact with two musicians, one from Coventry and one from Italy. I also contacted the owner of the Chordetets song ‘Mister Sandman’ After lengthy conversations with all three I’m delighted to announce that the Coventry musician will write and sing the theme song song for the film and the Italian composer will score the film! On top of that I got the rights to use the ‘Miser Sandman’ song in the film!

With the music all tied up, I went back to the actors. I have now whittled it down to 15 people. They are all highly talented and have a unique style.

15th March 2012

Today we had a full crew meeting about the task in hand. It was very positive and everyone was engaged. I brought up the topic of actors and we managed to have some great feedback from them. We also did some promoting around the city, which was great. WE got some good feedback too.

After the meeting I managed to assemble the final cast. It was hard, but only because the talent was so high. I will be meeting with all the cast tomorrow, and introduce them to the crew.

16th March 2012

Today was the day that the cast and crew met for the first time. We went through bonding exercises with the cast, to get the right chemistry, which is integral when creating a feature film, or any film for that matter.

We also did a test shoot. This was amazing, because it reassured me that I had picked the right team, from cast to crew. We spent a total of many hours together, discussing the future of the film, about the film, about their characters etc.

Today was also the day that I spoke to Stephen King’s representatives again to give them an update on the film. They wished me luck and said that they were glad that it was going well.