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Short film research

While I have been writing the script for my upcoming short film, I have become adamant that I want this short to be as cinematic as possible. The way I imagine the script to be shot is one of intense detail and just a hint of magic. That sounds cliche, and artsy, but that is how I see this film.

I can imagine one scene in particular when the lead character, Jake is on the the stage. The hall is silent and then the spotlight shines on him. He vanishes and we see the spotlight on the microphone and the dust being caught in the light.

Another scene I can see being done in a cinematic way is the camera track of the posters at the start. The camera will track across the wall. As it is tracking a magician doing his tricks will come into shot. As the camera continues it’s track we will see a ballerina practicing her routine.

Here is a  video that I across while writing the script:

The above video, in my opinion was extremely cinematic driven, and just looked staggering.

Another scene, that caught my eye whilst researching, was this one from the film, billy Elliot (200)

I looked at this one in particular, because it is emotionally charged. There seems to be some emotional tension too, which I feel will be great for my short film. I really like the awkwardness and the almost desolate and desperate feel to this scene. The lighting is fantastic and the camera work makes you feel like you are a fly on the wall, without the stereotypical camera style. These are all the things that I want to get across in my short film.

Kindle/e-readers -V- Books

With the increasingly popular digital reading devices, people are beginning to wonder whether there is any need for the traditional book.

I see their point. Why would anyone want to lug multiple books around with them, which probably cost in the region of £30+ when you can have a small digital device that can hold 10,000+ books (why you would need that many I’m not sure but….) and that fits in pockets, purses, rucksacks, briefcases etc without taking up too much room.

With this topic, I’m on the fence. I still like the feel and smell of a new book (who doesn’t?) but, Some of the books I read knock on to 800+ pages (hardback) and it can be a real strain on the hands. That’s why I invested in an Amazon Kindle. They are light, thin, and as tall as a standard pencil. The screens are just like a regular book too, so you don’t get that awful glare or eye strain. You can even make notes and highlights, just like in a ‘real’ book.

I’m certain that I will still buy books. (The ‘real’ kind) I will also still use my Kindle (They are easier to read on Planes/Trains etc, in my opinion)

I think that the traditional books will be around for a very long time, living side by side with the next generation…… I hope…….

I’m aware that I’m going to get some criticism for posting this, but I feel the need to post it anyway.

I have read a lot of books portraying vampires. The two best in my opinion are: Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot and Dracula. These books, (again in my opinion) are the definitive versions of ‘The Vampire’.  The films are just as good.

I have read thirty pages of Stephanie Meyers ‘Twilight’. In all honesty, I have seen better writing on the walls of the boys loos. What I respect about Stephanie Meyer though is that she has found an audience. People look up to her and respect her. I even have some respect for the films. They are not my typical viewing, but she has an audience, and is making a living off it.

People may think it’s unfair to judge all of the Twilight saga from just thirty pages, but in all honesty, that’s all I could stand. the writing style felt clunky and awkward.

Why do I think that ‘Salem’s Lot and Dracula are the best Vampire books? No, it’s not JUST because they don’t sparkle and they don’t drive the latest car. It’s because they are more interesting. Vampires should be something to scared of, not arm candy. (again, just my opinion.)

Here’s a link to the trailer of  ‘Salem’s Lot. If you haven’t seen this film yet, GO and see it. It’s a classic. (my opinion)

So, Yesterday we sat down and watched a documentary. Food Inc. It was a documentary about where and how the food in America is made.
It really made you think about it. There were parts of the documentary where I just had too look away. The way they treated the animals, before slaughtering them was shocking. Some might say, who cares how they are treated, they will be dead soon enough anyway. I disagree, They should still have a good quality of life before they end upon the meat counter in our supermarkets.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be eating at McDonald’s any time soon either. For numerous reasons. Now I’m aware that in the UK we have different standards, but it is still off putting.

A friend of mine (from the USA), posted this the other day. I thought that it was relevant to this post. Enjoy…… McDonald’s USA

As many of you are aware by now, there will be an announcement regarding the film very soon. It will be some time THIS WEEK.

The announcement will be posted HERE: <———- The Boogeyman Facebook Page

Locations: Search for the locations are still on-going. We have found some great ones so far. We are taking our time with this though, because the locations are every bit as important as the story and the characters.

Actors: We are still going through the audition stage, which is great. We have had some fantastic applicants wanting to be a part of this film.

And as always, I thank you all for being a part of this. The support for the film has been great. Please continue to tell your friends/neighbours/work colleges etc about the film, and the Facebook page.

Thank You

So, the pre-production process is drawing to a close now. The script is almost complete and some of the actors have now been locked into place. Some locations are being finalized too…..

There is something else too.Something that will be announced early next week. I’m not going to say what it is, but it’s something to look forward to.

Over the coming weeks more ‘announcements’ will be arriving too. So make sure you stay tuned.

Until the big news is announced, keep spreading the word about this:

The Boogeyman Facebook Page

Share it on your page, or to anywhere.

So until this announcement, keep those closet doors shut.

This blog contains information regarding the upcoming short film ‘The Actor’ (working title)

Below is a link to the character bios and outline of the three minute story.

NUFilm Productions

Our production of ‘The Actor (working title) is coming along nicely. I am working on the characters and the script. So far it has been fantastic to work on. In this blog, I have attached the working progress of the script

The Actor