So, our new University project was launched yesterday. It’s all about offense. This is an interesting one for me, as everyone who knows me will know, I am not offended by 98% of things in this world. I am also not someone who dishes out offense. There has been a lot of talk about offense in the past few weeks. ‘Big’ name ‘celebrities’ have been misbehaving. The tall bumbling auto car enthusiast Jeremy Clarkson caused offense when he jokingly said live on ‘The One Show’ that all the people who went on strike should be shot. Now, anybody who knows Clarkson, will know that that was a joke. And what did the big wigs at the BBC expect when they asked him to come on the show? that he was just going to sit there and be quiet? They say you should know your audience, well you should know your guests too! Take a look for yourself:

Now, I don’t quite understand this outrage towards him, because Stand up comics like Jimmy Carr have been getting away with being offensive for a very long time. We accept this because it is in a different environment, but it is still offensive. Here is Jimmy Carr making offensive jokes:    Now, to most people THOSE jokes are more offensive than Jeremy Clarkson’s remarks.


Moving onto Rick Gervais now, He has caused a storm with his new show ‘Life’s Too Short’ which is a documentary following a dwarf. People have been outraged by this because they feel he is making fun of the disability. I have not yet seen this show, so I will reserve judgment until viewing, but here is a trailer for the show:  Ricky claims that this is a serious documentary about  very day challenges of being a dwarf, but clearly this is a comedy too, He is not poking fun at dwarfs, but having a laugh with his friend Warwick Davis. Anybody who knows Ricky, will know that this is his type of humor, what has outraged people the most though is that it is on the BBC and the licenecepayer is footing the bill.


I will be watching the entire series and will comment on the episodes. then I will form my own opinion.