This was another project that I was late for. (again, see other blog for explanation) I found this project incredibly enjoyable. I have not done Radio before and I was very glad to hear that I would be doing it in this module. We were put into small groups of four. Our task was to create a short piece about ‘Undiscovered Coventry’. We settled on a subtitle; Unsigned Coventry’. Our project was to discover undiscovered talents and places in Coventry. In my opinion we unearthed a gem with our guest ‘Lloyd McGrath’ who did an acoustic session with us, I interviewed him after the set which was great to do as I have not presented on the Radio before, so that was a new skill I have acquired  throughout this project.

There was  lot of preparation throughout this project, the team I was working with was fantastic and we worked hard for each other.

My job roles included: getting the ‘talent’ (I knew Lloyd from a previous project two years ago and have stayed in touch since.)  booked and to the radio studio on time.  This was a fun part of the project, again something I have not done before but it was a simple enough task.

My second job role was to interview the talent. This was another role I had not done before the project, but it was something I was eagerly looking forward to because I have always had an interest in radio. My interview style was informal and colloquial, which fits in with the tone of our show. I hinted towards the questions I was going to ask Lloyd, but the whole of the question and the outline of the interview remained an enigma to him until the question was asked. I did this because I wanted a natural response from him. I also didn’t want it to feel scripted, but I did want it structured, which I feel came across well.

In my opinion I feel we created a high quality product which covered the BBC’s mantra of ‘Inform, Educate, and Entertain’ Which in my opinion should always be the benchmark for anything you do. I feel we also covered the brief which was to highlight and educate and discover the undiscovered parts of Coventry. If I was to improve on the project more I would extend the show to fifteen minutes and get interviews of the club owners that we talked about on our show, this I feel would add an extra depth to our show and would give it a more balanced feel.