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Learning to speak Icelandic

Here are the sites I used to learn the Icelandic Language – has 30 tutorial videos – has a soundboard of useful phrases etc

So, It’s been a busy week!

I will start at the beginning, as most good adventures do.

Last Friday, at Coventry University, a friend told me of a meeting that was happening later that day. Not wanting to pass up on a potentially great opportunity I went along to the meeting.

I’m very glad I that I went.

The meeting broke down the following way:
We will be going to Iceland Feb/March time.
We will be shooting a short film(s) out there.
We will be going at a time when the Northern Lights are at it’s best for 50 years.
I will be producing the project, along with three other people.
I also, as of today, emailed 5 very short synopses to the Executive Producer.
There will be a BAFTA red carpet event at the end of it.

In preparation for this experience, I have started to delve into the history of Iceland and I am even learning to learn the language.

On top of THAT, today I went to another meetings, one of which would financially clash with the Iceland trip. It was a road trip film from San Francisco to California, after some thought I decide that the one that one benefit me most was the Icelandic adventure.

Goda Nott Everyone (Good Night)