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Well, here I am

Yup, here I am back again, and so soon too i hear you say.

Well just wanted to talk about a rather eventful day. It all started off at about 1.30am when a friend of mine was discussing my film, The boogeyman with me and we happened to get onto the topic of posters for the film. Subconsciously I had been thinking about this for awhile, knowing it was a very important part of the look of the film when it comes to advertising. To cut a rather short story even shorter, he pointed me into the direction of Darek Kocurek. i looked at some of his work and was utterly captivated. The imagination this man has is unparalleled. Moments later I got in contact with him, and asked if he was willing to make a poster for The Boogeyman… He was!  A little while later I had a poster for the film. And what a poster it is….here judge for yourself 🙂

In other news I had the final dress rehearsal of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs today at Lapworth Village hall. It was fantastic. Opening night is Wednesday. I just love the thrill of the theater. There is just nothing else like it.

Well I do believe that that is all for now,

Speak to you soon

It’s been a while

OK, So it’s been a long time since i last made  a blog post. On the bright side, I have lots to say! (well depending on your outlook I suppose)

Let’s start where I left off way back when… My secret project as I’m sure most of you know now is my film. It’s an adaptation from a Stephen King short story too!!! Let’s rewind a bit though…

In early April last year I found some information about this project that Stephen King set up a while back. It’s called a ‘Dollar Baby’ and for the grand sum of $1 he allows aspiring film – makers to choose a story from a list of short stories he has written and published and allows then to adapt into a film. The rules are simple a) you cannot make a profit b)you cannot show more than two mins of it on the internet etc. The things he allows you to do though is to show it in film festivals. … Oh and that’s not all, The final product goes to Stephen King himself and if he really likes it then he will send it off to places like SyFy and NBC etc so they can show it on their network!!! … but of course it will be stupid of me to think that far ahead… but you have to aim at something……

The script was finished in December of 2010. Most of the extremely talented cast is ready and raring to go. The crew are ready. I’m ready. The director Jon Burgess is ready. The music producer Jamie Wright is ready. The film will begin shooting on February 7th 2011 (not long now) and everything (hopefully) will be completed by June 2011!!! 🙂

So about the film:

length: 45 mins/Genre: Psychological thriller/Plot outline: A man goes to the psychiatrist to talk about his problems because he has no where else to turn to. Will the Psychiatrist believe this unbelievable story?

For more information please go to:!/home.php?sk=group_112513402153716&ap=1

That’s it for now,

See you soon 🙂